Pit Bull
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Pit Bull Breed Profile

Breed Name: American Pit Bull Terrier

Known for their intelligence and loyalty American Pit Bull Terriers make excellent, loving and protective companion despite the unfair press they receive. Some American Pit Bull Terriers are dual-registered as an American Pit Bull Terrier with the UKC and as an American Staffordshire Terrier with the AKC; however, this draws criticism from many who point out that the bloodlines have been separate for too long for these to be considered the same breed. Choose from a responsible breeder and make sure the puppy is properly socialized and handled. A minimum of training will produce a tranquil, good, obedient, companion dog.

Height: 18 - 22 inches

Weight: 30 - 80 lbs.

Any color

Thick, short, shiny hair

Pitbulls are courageous, loyal, full of energy; Should be socialized early on with children and other animals.

Care and Exercise:
Regular brushing with a bristle brush or rubbing down his coat with a chamois will keep the coat shiny and clean. Bath only when necessary. The pit bull needs a substantial amount of vigorous exercise which needs to be on-leash. Pit bulls enjoy running along side a bicycle.

Health Issues:
Mange and heart murmurs. Pit bull breeders should be concerned with doing health testing on the sire or dam such as OFA, PENN HIP

Category: Terrier

Registries: UKC, ADBA, CKC, APBR

Living Environment: Either Indoor or Outdoor


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