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Place your listing in front of more than 75,000 prospective buyers each month. For most breeders, our Breeders Directory is the only advertising needed to sell their litter, dog, or stud service. It's simple -- we spend hundreds of dollars on advertising each month so that you don't have to. We want breeders to be able to focus on what they do, breeding healthy dogs of sound temperament. Allow us to focus on driving targeted traffic to your listing in our Breeders Directory. We work extensively in creating content to attract visitors to our site as well as paid ads on Google linking directly to the Breeders Directory.

Breeders Directory Membership Details

Feature Description Basic Membership Premium Membership
Link to Your Website A link to your website allows visitors to immediately find out more about your kennel / services NO YES
Photo One photo representing your kennel/service (this will be resized to a thumbnail which can be clicked on to view full size image) NO YES
Description Description of the service(s) you are offering (e.g., puppies for sale, stud service) and any additional information that you would like to share. Up to 300 characters Up to 800 characters
Contact Info Contact information including kennel/breeder name, street address (optional), city (optional), state, phone(optional), zip (optional), and email. YES YES
Price Cost of membership $45 per year $99 per year
Temporarily Removed

Other notes regarding the Breeders Directory Membership: